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18. Vietnamese. Gemini.
Sehun bias. xhun shipper. I ship sehun with everyone in EXO especially CHANHUN, KAIHUN, TAOHUN.

BEAST-supporter. 2JUN shipper. JunHyung bias.
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안녕안녕 나는 너를 아는데, 너는 나를 모르지.
그 동안 말도 하지 않고 매일, 저 만치서 어울리고 있는 너희를 바라보고.
hunhan inspired by AKMU  안녕
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I’ve never felt this way before, I can’t stop, it overflows
As if someone locked it up, my lips won’t open in front of you.

even flowers grow in the saddest parts of you.

sekailu graphic requested by anon

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sehun doesn’t wanna be touched by chanyeol…

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chanyeol giving his tissue to sehun

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chanyeol helping baby sehun remove feathers and eye boogers