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18. Vietnamese. Gemini.
Sehun bias. xhun shipper. I ship sehun with everyone in EXO especially CHANHUN, KAIHUN, TAOHUN.

BEAST-supporter. 2JUN shipper. JunHyung bias.
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there is no such thing as “too close” for us

Sehun suddenly being curious and staring at Chanyeol who’s busy fixing his mic

cr: eternalEXO ’s SHOWTIME unseen ep.5

Whahaha! I can’t stop laughing!

chanyeol trying (and failing) to convince kyungsoo they did spend christmas together...
oh sehun
baby peanut vol. 2


Sehun's super cheeky 'hehe!’ when he was ahead of his opponent ٩(͡ಠ◡ಠ)۶